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  • "I would highly recommend AGS. It’s one of our preferred suppliers and I’m sure they’ll stay that way for many years to come.”
    Peter Roberts, Facilities Manager, Money Supermarket
  • “I’m more than happy to recommend AGS to carry out this kind of work, and the support they give us when we need it is almost instantaneous; it’s always there with a smile we need it.”
    Bob Burns, General Manager, RNLI (St Asaph site)
  • “AGS stuck with us and stuck with me through around about four or five months of planning I can’t think of any other service provider that would have the patience and foresight and customer service to do that.”
    Chris Wright , Operations Manager, Greenfield Valley Heritage Park
  • "They’re going to know some intimate secrets… about yourself, about your property, about any vulnerable spots around that property, so you have to have that trust. And I immediately felt that when I met AGS.”
    Michael Owen, Former Footballer