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From straightforward CCTV camera repositioning through to structural repairs to security gates, AGS Security has the knowhow and experience to get your system back to full health quickly.

Intruder Alarm Repair

The most common faults with intruder detection systems usually present themselves from a lack of coherent servicing and are more often than not simple to rectify.

  • false alarms
  • set fail messages
  • system tamper alarms
  • low battery alerts
  • power failure messages
  • external bell box sounding without the internal alarm activation
  • unable to silence intruder alarm during a mains power cut
  • issues with the system following a power outage

CCTV Repair

CCTV systems that fail to record or fail to provide clear, concise images that would be useable for video evidence purposes often render the majority of systems unfit for purpose.

  • poor image quality at night time 
  • torn or distorted images being displayed on the CCTV system monitor 
  • loss of control over pan, tilt & zoom cameras 

Simple diagnostic and repairs of failed camera modules, cable faults and power supply issues often provide the answer to bringing systems back into full service.

Fire Alarm Repair

Carrying out repairs to automatic fire detection systems is crucial in managing false alarms and providing fully operational systems. Common faults include: 

  • optical smoke detectors that false trigger evacuations 
  • manual call points that won’t reset after testing 
  • unable to silence the system after an activation 
  • fire panels that display general fault messages
  • earth fault message 
  • battery fail messages 

These are common faults that can easily be rectified by professional engineers.

Access Control, Doors, Gates & Barriers Repair

The majority of faults within access control systems can usually be identified with the root cause of cable issues, power supply issues or failure of safety devices.

  • electronic doors not locking or not releasing
  • automatic gates and barriers opening but not closing 
  • audio / video intercom systems with poor audio quality 
  • ineffective operation of lock release controls 

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