Fire can devastate a business. An effective fire alarm system is crucial to safeguarding your premises and your livelihood. 

Leading Experts

AGS is a leading provider of fire alarm systems in the North West and North Wales. Whatever level of fire protection you need, we can specify, design, install and maintain a system to deliver it.

System Design

We can help you select the right control panels, heat detectors and smoke detectors and configure them into a comprehensive fire alarm system as required by your insurer. We can also monitor your system.

When it comes to designing fire alarm systems, it pays to choose a partner with the proven knowledge.

Full Protection

With more than three decades’ experience, we can design systems to comply with the levels set out in British Standard BS 5839 (P1–P4 and L1–L4), providing cover for all the necessary personnel, property, rooms and entry/exit points. We create full documentation, providing a comprehensive audit trail to confirm that your system is completely fit for purpose.

Futureproof Freedom

All our systems are ‘open protocol’, leaving you free to choose whatever supplier you want for maintenance, alterations and expansions on your system. (‘Closed protocol’ systems can only be serviced by the original installer.)

We install high-quality fire-alarm brands such as C-Tec, Advanced MX 4000 range, and Apollo XP95.

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