As well as installing and maintaining your system, we also offer reliable, expert security system monitoring for total peace of mind. 

Multi-System Monitoring

Monitoring is available for intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems, with different arrangements to suit your individual risk level and insurance requirement.

Our monitoring services are provided in partnership with G4S, who specialise in professional, responsive monitoring for alarm and CCTV systems throughout the UK.

Intruder and fire alarms

There are various connectivity options for intruder and fire alarm monitoring, each offering different levels of security, from a single-path digital communicator to a dual-path communicator such as Redcare GSM, Redcare Secure or Dualcom. Dual-path signalling uses either a landline or a radio network as the primary path, with a secondary path offering a higher level of protection.

Legacy Systems

All alarm systems can be monitored, not just new installations.

Police response to alarms is possible on any type of communicator, depending on the standard of the installation.

CCTV systems

CCTV monitoring gives you the reassurance of prompt and effective response to incidents at your premises.

When intruders enter, motion sensors trigger an alert to the central monitoring station. An operator will view the CCTV footage live, perhaps taking control of the camera, to ascertain the nature of the incident.

Addressable Systems

We can integrate PA systems to create an ‘addressable’ system. This allows the operator to speak to intruders via a broadband speech-path, warning them that they are under surveillance and that the police have been notified.

If required, we can also install audio monitoring technology that allows for a two-way conversation. Recorded audio and video can be used as evidence in legal proceedings.

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