All security companies are not the same. AGS Security is accredited NSI Gold Standard, the highest possible level. The NSI is the official body of the security industry.

Higher Standards

NSI’s mission is to raise standards in the security and fire industries in the interests of the customer. NSI-approved companies must prove their competence on an ongoing basis. They may not always be the cheapest, but they are invariably the best.

That’s certainly true of AGS. We focus on offering true quality, lifetime value and ethical agreements – not cheap equipment, undercutting competitors or trying to ‘lock in’ our clients.

What does NSI Gold mean?

All NSI approved companies:

  • Meet all relevant British and European Standards for technical performance
  • Security screen all relevant staff
  • Provide a high level of staff training and supervision to industry best practice standards
  • Are comprehensively insured to protect customers and staff
  • Are inspected every six months by professional auditors, including random site visits

NSI Gold companies also:

  • Meet the industry specific ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Standard
  • Demonstrate a long-term track record of performance, and evidence of reliability and stability

Working with AGS Security

Working with AGS gives you the unbeatable reassurance of NSI Gold standards. To get a quote or just to discuss your requirements, contact us today or fill the form below. We’re always happy to offer help and advice without obligation.