AGS understands advanced door solutions. We provide cleanroom doors used by some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical, nutritional, health and food companies.

Pharmaceutical Sector

AGS is a leading provider of Cleanroom Doors in the North West and North Wales. Our GRP doors have a void free and non porous construction which is designed to meet GMP and GLP requirements. They remain unaffected from exposure to chlorinated water, steam and cleaning chemicals. Our pharmaceutical doors will not swell, rot, rust or warp even after years of usage.

Food Sector

The food industry must maintain high standards of cleanliness when manufacturing products. Food processing represents a working environment which places extraordinarily high and specific demands on the operating resources as part of production. In this way, a high degree of hygiene is required in these areas where vigorous cleaning regimes are carried out. We supply hygienic doors used by the top 5 infant nutrition companies worldwide.

Healthcare Sector

Hospital doors are used by everyone throughout the hospital, this is why they can be a major source of cross contamination and infection if incorrectly specified. As hygiene standards rise in hospitals around the world, AGS supplies doors with patient safety and infection control in mind.

Leisure Sector

Doors within leisure centres, swimming pools and sports facilities need to withstand heavy usage while being strong, durable and hygienic. Doors in these environments are exposed to high levels of traffic, frequent moisture and corrosive chemicals. They’re also fundamental for providing security and fire safety across a building. AGS supplies leisure doors ideal for these environments due to their non absorbent, smooth, seamless GRP construction. 

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