AGS has a number of high value private clients. Privacy is paramount to us, and so we’re especially grateful to Michael Owen for agreeing to provide us with this testimonial

Michael Owen: “I bought my house about 14 years ago. I remember the day because it was after the Germany 5-1 in Munich that we won, playing for England.

So I remember buying the property, and we had a security system installed.

It was that long ago… so I was looking to review it, update it.”

“I wanted to go with a security firm that were local, that were going to provide a great after-service, and that’s when I found AGS.

And since I’ve had it installed I’ve been really pleased.”

“Dealing with a security firm, you have to have an element of trust. You have to trust the people that you’re working with.

They’re going to know some intimate secrets… about yourself, about your property, about any vulnerable spots around that property, so you have to have that trust.

And I immediately felt that when I met AGS.”

“I live a little bit out in the sticks with plenty of land, so of course tailoring the system to my needs was really important for me.

Having a monitoring system that can check all the boundaries of the property, the 24-hour surveillance system, and callout… was obviously very important.

We tailored our system to exactly what we need here at my house, and that gives you peace of mind.”

“One of the main things about a security system is to feel protected and certainly with me… I have four children and a wife and I’m away working quite a bit.

To feel like you’ve got protection around the house but not feel like you’re being watched 24/7… I think that blend of security but feeling free… not everybody is watching you all the time, it’s something I was really keen on and I think we’ve done that.

We’ve got quite a lot of cameras around the place but they blend in nicely to the surroundings.”

“One of the benefits of using AGS was to have a project engineer taking this project from start to finish. And even now I can pick up the phone any time and get assistance.

So in my case, Mark was here from minute 1, and led the operation.

We’ve put the cameras in areas that we felt would be beneficial, and to have that connection with a one-on-one person was what I wanted… and really especially with him being local as well… makes you feel a lot safer and secure in your own home.”

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