We offer everything you need to keep your office safe, secure and fully compliant with the requirements of your insurer:

  • Intruder alarms to protect your premises, personnel and equipment
  • Fire alarms for peace of mind and fire-brigade response, if required
  • Emergency lighting for rapid and safe evacuation in emergency
  • Lighting systems for visibility, reassurance and enhanced CCTV surveillance
  • CCTV for key areas, or to oversee the work of your staff
  • Access control for easy and convenient management of zones and personnel within your building
  • Gates and barriers to control access to your premises automatically
  • Monitoring of your intruder alarm for intelligent response to incidents
  • Phone systems for effortless communication throughout your company
  • Maintenance contracts offering optimum value for the lifetime of your system

To get a quote for your office security requirements, contact us today. We’re always happy to offer help and advice without obligation.