If you need access control on your site, your premises or zones within a building, we can help. 

Broad Product Range

Our systems offer secure, reliable access control for doors, turnstiles, gates and barriers via keyless fobs, swipe cards or biometric scanning (fingerprints, handprints and even retinas).

Total Control

Remote and automated control means you can decide exactly which areas you want to open up, at which times of day, and to whom. Effective access control lets you manage the flow of staff, visitors, customers, students and anyone else through your premises.

Full Reporting

You can monitor and record all movements and access attempts, which opens up possibilities such as checking attendance, or allowing workers to clock in and out. You can also set up different levels of authorisation, so different groups have access to different areas.

Integrated Systems

In combination with other solutions such as CCTV and voice connectivity over IP, access control lets you see and control access in remote locations, such as gates far away from main buildings.

Leading Technology

We offer access-control systems from Paxton, the industry leader, and can provide bespoke solutions as required.

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