The Flintshire Business Awards 2018 took place at a gala dinner at Soughton Hall on October 20

To start proceedings, an introduction video was shown that contains some strong, positive messages about Flintshire today, and the near future, that deserves to be seen by a wider audience.

Video produced by Picturehouse Films


Jonathan Turner – MD, AGS Security Systems Ltd (Headline Sponsor):

“I’m delighted once again to be the headline sponsor of the Flintshire Business Awards.

The theme tonight is growth. The Flintshire Business Awards began back in 2006 and have grown to become the highlight of the county’s business calendar.

The awards enable us to celebrate our commercial success story, and demonstrate the ambition and vision of all Flintshire businesses, large and small.

Flintshire In Business has delivered more than 400 events attracting thousands of delegates. It’s enabled networking, developed supply chains and created jobs.”

Colin Everett – Chief Executive, FCC:

“The awards are very much, at the heart, about giving profile to growing businesses… and we’ve seen phenomenal business growth stories.

The business awards are very much about supporting a whole community of interest, where people work with each other not as competitors but to share skills, and trading opportunities, to grow the whole sector.”

Jonathan Turner – MD, AGS Security Systems Ltd:

“Flintshire sits within the wider Mersey Dee region, an economically powerful zone. We have a competitive base of businesses and we have a skilled and agile workforce.

We’re also highly entrepreneurial and [that’s] characterised by our many small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Martin Christmas – MD, Salvtech:

“Flintshire is a fantastic place to do business. The one thing that I’ve really noticed about being in Flintshire is that were able to do business, and find suppliers, very locally; surprisingly locally actually.

The local college, as well, especially; I’m really impressed with the apprentice scheme. In fact we have one of our engineering apprentices here [who] came through that scheme and he is really valuable to our business.”

Sarah Parker – Caffi Isa:

“I think I’m right in saying we that we were the recipients of the first Social Business Award. And what it’s done for us is really give us a kind of confidence, and it has increased business and it has increased footfall, and so therefore sales, and also given all our staff and volunteers a sense of pride in what they’re doing.”

Counsellor Derek Butler – Cabinet Member for Economic Development, FCC:

“We’re business-friendly in Flintshire. We don’t throw money at things; we don’t have money to throw at things… but, we enable.

Flintshire Business Awards is special because it advertises the range and diversity, certainly, of the small to medium enterprises.”

Jonathan Turner – MD, AGS Security Systems Ltd:

“The launch of the growth vision by the North Wales Economic Ambition Board is an exciting program for further growth across the region by 2035.”

Colin Everett – Chief Executive, FCC:

“North Wales is on the verge of agreeing a growth deal with UK government and Welsh government.

Everybody’s got a stake in this bid, because it’s meant to improve access to work, open up strategic sites, accelerate housing, improve transport links, improve digital connectivity… so any business based anywhere in North Wales, not just Flintshire, has a huge amount to gain.”

Richard Schroll – MD, Wates Residential North:

“Growth in Flintshire is really exciting. I’m aware of the regeneration plans, I’m aware of their plans to develop and meet the housing requirements… to not only cater for the existing community, but build on the community.

So for us as a business, being part of it is really exciting.”

Jonathan Turner – MD, AGS Security Systems Ltd:

“To reinforce the role of Flintshire, Welsh government have announced the development of the Advanced Manufacturing and Research Institute in Deeside.

This will focus on research and development of advanced techniques and skills.

Finally we’ve been designated an enterprise zone. Of the seven such zones in Wales, Flintshire leads the way.

There are so many successes to celebrate across our county. This is an exciting place to do business, and tonight, once again, we recognise and reward our business stars.

Lets showcase Flintshire to Wales and the wider commercial audience as a truly excellent place to grow and do business.”

Winners of the 2018 Awards were announced at the gala dinner; take a look at the winners list.